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Being a young child and living with a mom with breast cancer, I didn't know how to react. Everything was scary. I had so many questions, thoughts and ideas, but I didn't know how to ask them. So sadly, I held a lot inside. What I did have, were the memories of my special moments with my mom, something that could never be taken away from me, no matter the outcome. I've taken those lovely memories, of which I still cherish today, and put them into a children's book. This was a cathartic journey for me, and I hope it can also help other children who may feel like I did as a child. The friends you'll find in this story are eager to share their thoughts and questions with you.  Hopefully you'll find the courage to share your concerns and thoughts with your mom while you  reflect on your own special memories you have together.
The books are available on all Amazon Europe sites and many local book sites as well.


This sensitive true story of preventive mastectomy and implant breast reconstruction, as written by Heather Barnard in Why is Mommy Having Surgery, will hopefully encourage families to explore their feelings, understand the process, and open the communication to what can be a difficult subject. This book helps children understand what having BRCA means, why mommy is choosing to have preventive surgery and what that process will entail. With a forward written by Dr. Chrysopoulo, breast reconstruction microsurgeon , we hope this book will become a valuable resource for the many women with BRCA looking into preventive measures.


The books are available on all Amazon Europe sites and many local book sites as well.


I'm so pleased to have been asked to write a story for about how I came to terms after losing my mother to breast cancer, all these years later.  Please read the article here.

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