Saturday, August 8, 2015

Two Months Post Op and Back to Work

I've just made it to being two months post op.  Another milestone in my journey, which is still unfolding.  Looking back, it seems like so long ago that I was planning for it and waiting for insurance approval.  While doing great, I still have some daily reminders that I'm well in the middle of the healing process.

I hear stories of women jogging at six weeks out after having the same type of surgery, and I'm amazed.  More power to you!  I'm not there.  LOL!  I did, however, go back to work full time.  That is what sent me into examining how I really feel at two months out.  I'm lifting, pushing, walking, and everything in between...I'm an elementary teacher.  I'm testing my body and my body doesn't like it, for now.  I'm coming home, popping pain relievers such as Advil, and finding myself in bed by 8pm.


In order to explain the pain I feel these days, its important to see a diagram of what I had done.


The AlloDerm is what was used to form a hammock, of sorts, to support the implant.  This is also what will hopefully prevent capsular contracture due to the scar tissue not wanting to bond to it. While AlloDerm is great, you can see the number of stitches needed to hold it in place...all securing it directly to the muscles.  Enter my current pain.

If you look at the high left corner of the AlloDerm in the above image, that's the point at which I have a lot of tenderness and aching right now.  In my right breast, I can actually feel the tiny "bump" at that intersection of AlloDerm and muscle, which may be the stitch and/or scar tissue.  When I press on it, it slightly "pops".  I've been instructed to massage that area as best I can, in order to break up any potential scar tissue which may be building.

Lateral Muscles

In addition to that area, I'm also having overall tenderness and pain in the lateral muscle area on both sides.  This I attribute to several factors.  1)  possible scar tissue forming at drain sites, 2) going back to work and using my muscles more than I have since surgery thus far, and 3) stitches being pulled from the overall activity increase and potential scar tissue.  I am also massaging these areas as much as I can tolerate.  I was allowed to begin side sleeping, at a gentle incline with soft support underneath, but some nights, it's just not comfortable and not worth the aching.


I have tightness in my armpit and leading just into my arm.  While it's not cording, or doesn't seem to be a bad enough case to worry about, it's limiting some of my range of motion.  I am doing my daily stretches and hoping that this is just a time issue.


The nipples are still quite tender.  I keep telling myself this is a good thing.  It's sensation.  It's feeling.  It's nerves regenerating.  I was hoping it would have gone away by now, but I'll take it in hopes that I really will retain some feeling after the healing is complete.


Now is NOT the time to try out the strapless bras as I learned the hard way.  I LOVE my Genie Bra line, ordering four different styles in black, nude and white.  I thought I'd try the strapless one just out of pure excitement.  Well, within hours, I was experiencing a lot of tenderness in my chest muscles above the implants.  I guess it was too much weight to support at this time.


They look great.  There might be slight imperfections that only I notice from my angle of looking at them, but overall, they are great.  They've settled, they're soft and they look pretty darn natural for being implants.  The positioning couldn't have been better.  It is because of this that I realize what a blessing it was to find a micro surgeon, someone skilled at the teeny tiny details.  The scars in the inframammary fold are looking amazing.  I've been allowed to apply my InviCible scar treatment for the past 3.5 weeks on both the drain sites and the scars.

Medications and Emotions

I have been off all of the major medications for a long time now, as they never really suited me.  However, I found myself popping half a Xanax at work this week, as I felt the heart begin to beat rapidly and the overwhelming sense of nausea took over my body.  The scenario of seeing all of my co-workers again was a bit more emotional than I expected, as the obvious first questions are around the surgery.  Not that I don't like talking about it, it's just that sometimes I feel like my boobs enter the room before I do, if that makes sense.  No one made me feel uncomfortable, it was all my doing, all in my head.  That, coupled with the overall stress of being back to work, just sent me into a tail spin.  That's the only time, in a long time, that I've needed anything more than Advil.

Having said all this, nothing is really limiting me from completing my daily activities.  I'm doing all the normal daily routines I was doing before at both work and home, and perhaps doing too much (like carrying things at work that I shouldn't be), so I think the pain is all just part of the process.  Massaging is just my number one priority right now.  Well, massaging, getting physically and mentally fit again and getting to sleep comfortably on my side are my priorities right now.