Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2 Days Post Oophorectomy

Today is a good day!

I didn't stay on top of my meds during the night, but that didn't really impact me this morning.  I was able to get out of bed with help from my husband and all was good from there.  My stomach is very tender to the touch, but just sitting is completely fine.

I got my Histology report back...all clear!  My left ovary caused some issues when being removed, but it turns out it was due to having a mild endometriotic cyst...totally benign.  Apparently I have cysts that aren't detected by scans, as the same thing happened with my mastectomy...several benign cysts were found during surgery as well.

As of 2 days post-op, here's where I am:

Pain Meds:
I'm taking two of the four meds at this point.  I don't feel that I need the stronger ones, which is a good sign.  My stomach is very tender, as are the immediate sites.  My belly button is the most tender, as expected, and has some hardening occurring around the top edge.  My bandages are the same ones put on after surgery, and show no signs of bleeding, which is a good sign.

Three laparoscopic sites from the surgery.

Gas and Swelling:
The gas is still causing me shoulder and neck pain, for which I use a heating pad to relieve the pain.  It's 24/7, unfortunately, and the only things that will help are time, walking and Gas-X.  

Lying Down vs. Walking:
It really is true...don't lie your way through recovery!  Get up, stand up and walk.  It feels so much better to be upright than lying down...even if you're propped upright in bed.  The gas works its way out and the stomach feels better.  I even took a shower today without help.

My energy goes up and down over the past two days.  I want to sleep, yet I want to keep my body actively healing, prevent blood clots by moving and just feel less "sick".  I can tell when I'm about to overdo it, so luckily I'm listening to myself.  I think wanting to do things and get back to normal is a good I just need to make sure to listen to my body.

I'm incredibly thankful, once again, to my online community.  It's amazing how many people stay in touch and follow my journey, remembering that surgery day was the 28th.  Thank you! 

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