Tuesday, December 29, 2015

20 Hours Post Oophorectomy

Waking up this morning I felt ok.  I had a nurse scour the hospital to find me some ear plugs in order to get some much needed rest during the night, and it worked.  Ear plugs coupled with my sleeping mask, and I was good to go.  Despite the frequent blood pressure checks, the crying babies surrounding me (women's hospital...ironic really) and the noises from the hallway, I rested well and my abdomen felt good this morning.  I was particularly impressed that I was able to get up and use the toilet on my own as soon as I woke up.   The one thing that didn't feel so great was my neck and shoulder area.  It actually hurt pretty badly, as if I had done an intensive workout after having never previously working out.  Here's where I am, 20 hrs post surgery:

Pain Meds:
I'm on a medicine cocktail of  Piriton, Arcoxia, Panadeine and Tramadol.  As of right now, majority of the pain comes from the gas, but when I sit up, lie down, walk...otherwise engage my stomach muscles, I feel the pain of the surgical sites.  I don't imagine I'll be on these pain killers for long, probably downgrading to just Tylenol soon.

Gas and Swelling:
This is the most painful part of the whole experience thus far.  I woke up to pain in my neck, shoulders and upper abdomen unlike any pain I've had in these areas before.  More than just discomfort from eating too much or feeling bloated.  This is the result of gas being pumped into my abdomen in order for the doctor to see my organs more clearly.  The gas rises and is looking for ways out, besides getting reabsorbed by the body tissue.  Limiting gassy foods is a must until I get this under control.  My husband has just gone out to find me some sort of stool softener and gas relief.  Lets hope these work.

With the gas comes swelling.  I'm very comfortable wearing my well-loved pj bottoms that have that extra "give" in the elastic.  But my stomach feels like a little bowling ball and is quite tender to the touch.  Leaving it alone, I feel nothing until I engage the muscles.  It's when I touch it that I realize how tender the areas are.

The lovely flower bouquet my daughter made.

Lying Down vs. Walking:
Surprisingly, I thought all was good lying in bed and taking it easy, but standing upright and walking feels much better.  It's slow, no power walking here, but it allows everything to sit where its supposed to as well as helps work the gas out.

While totally controversial on whether to take it or not, and why, I'm not on any at this point.  My doctor has decided that we will see how I go for now, and treat areas that need treating as they come.  So far, I'm not have menopausal symptoms that I notice.  I'm in Singapore, I'm always hot and sweaty...so I'm not sure yet if I'm having hot flashes or not (but the air conditioning is on!).  As for mood swings, I haven't had that yet either, although my husband may disagree, but seriously, I think I've been ok for now.  We'll see what the next 24 hrs brings as my body settles in.

Meds From Here On:
I'll be on 5000 mg of Vitamin D, baby aspirin and Methyl-Guard Plus for now.  Again, we'll wait and see how things go.

*update...pretty sure I just experienced my first hot flash tonight.  All AC units are on in the house, kids are cold and all of the sudden I got really hot.

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