Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Day 12- Nothing to Tell...and That's Awesome

Man, that feels really good to say...there's nothing to tell you guys today!  

I had no muscle spasms, no nerve issues, no feeling fatigued nor sick.  I'm only on antibiotics and I only needed one muscle relaxer today.  I showered 100% on my own and only needed help getting a shirt on.  I'm still in the strap to try and help the seroma, but that's just part of the deal and I'm dealing with it (note clenched teeth smile).  I did ask one medical question regarding it, but that's all.  Other than that, nothing wrong with me that was worthy of a real blog post!  Today was just...a day.

So, what I can say, is if you come to San Antonio for surgery and need to entertain your kiddos, you need to go to the all new Do Seum (Children's Museum that reopened this June) where my children spent a whopping eight hours today!  They stayed until closing, getting nudged out ever so kindly by the staff.  There's plenty of indoor and outdoor activity to keep them busy, so busy that they didn't want to leave.  

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