Thursday, June 25, 2015

Day 14- Dear PRMA

Dear PRMA,

Happy two-week-a-versary to me today.  It was two weeks ago that I was going into surgery, ready to take charge of my life, and hopefully change the course it was on.  Your entire team guided me through the process from beginning to end, and it all started with Courtney.  She's absolutely amazing at what she does.  So kind, compassionate and so completely understanding of those who might be a smidge type me.  She got me through the insurance approval waiting period which was hell, and made a special effort to see me upon my arrival.

I've had a great experience from the initial consultation, to surgery to recovery, maybe too good, as I kept overdoing it each day after the surgery due to the energy I had and the limited amount of actual pain.  Sure, some days were harder and there was intermittent crying, but I had it pretty darn good throughout this entire process.   I owe that to you and your expertise.  You guys helped me keep the right mindset.  You guys were the best of the best cheerleaders.

I got excited on the days I felt great during recovery.  I wanted to explore, see the sights of San Antonio and hang out with the family outside of the hotel room.  But all of my enthusiasm could have come at a cost as I developed seroma as of day 11.  As uncomfortable and completely unattractive I felt in the band, I was sill determined to get out each day and explore.  I just felt good.  Perhaps I explored a bit too much, pushing my body more than resting it, and my seroma increased.  Whether or not it was my fault for being too active, the point is, I'm not very good at just resting.

Having fun on meds, killing time, waiting for aspiration.

Today, on my two week post-op visit, my seroma needed to be drained with a fine needle.  Prior to leaving the hotel, my husband looked at me and said, "babe, I really like your boobs.  I've been looking around at other overly noticeable boob jobs ever since your surgery, and seeing you today, in your dress, I noticed how great your boobs look.  They are just the right size.  They are perfect"  That, right there, boosted my confidence today.  We told Dr. C to give me something normal to suit me, and he did.  However, I still popped my 1/2 a Xanax and 1/2 a muscle relaxer, wrapped myself in my fashionable bandage and headed out to your lovely PRMA facility for the dreaded needle aspiration.  Now, as you all know by now, I'm a lightweight to medications.  Denise and Dr. C have seen me on a full Xanax and muscle relaxer,  and Denise fondly laughed today as she remembered how out of it I was previously.  So, today, I did 1/2 and 1/2.  Let me tell you, by the time I had reached PRMA and sat in the waiting room, it was all taking effect.  I was under the influence.

I love my nurse Denise, and I loved her even more today.  LOL!  I was in a happy place.  Nerves, nope, they were gone.  I think I fully entertained my husband in the doctor's room as well as your nursing staff just on the other side of the door.  I laughed, and laughed and laughed.  I laughed even though I was about to have needles in my breasts.  I laughed through the pain while Denise held my hand.  Today, I had the privilege of seeing Dr. Ledoux, another well respected PRMA surgeon.  That's one thing that is clearly evident within the PRMA all fully support and recommend each other.  I told Dr. C that I'm ok seeing Dr. L because I trusted Dr. C.  If he said I'll be in great hands, I knew I would be.  I'm pretty sure Denise warned Dr. L that I was on medication as he came in smiling and gave a little laugh, and then continued smiling throughout the procedure.  I only felt the tiny pin prick of a needle on each side, but hey, that means I have feeling in my breasts which makes me beyond happy.

My funny and comforting nurse, Denise.
Dr. C...a friend from the beginning till the end.
The fluid is now out, I'm back in a compression bra with pads added for extra pressure to the underside of the breast and that's that.  I'm done with my treatments.  But I don't want to be done, as strange as that sounds, as I absolutely fell in love with all of you at PRMA, especially Dr. Chrysopoulo, Denise and Courtney.  I don't want to leave San Antonio.  I believe we come into each other's lives for a reason.  There's a reason I found Dr. C in 2013, hoping for a 2014 surgery, and there's a bigger reason as to why I was drawn back to him in 2015 to finally complete my surgery.  People will know when they've found their surgeon, they just will.  And it's completely natural to form a bond with the people who help save your life.  You're forever connected at the heart.  I would love to bring my daughters back here come time for their surgeries, should they be BRCA+.  I trusted my life and I'd trust my daughters' lives to PRMA and Dr. C.  

Added my Previvor colors today...another milestone in my life.
So, it's with this 2 week anniversary post that I end my daily postings.  I'm good, I'm strong and I'm happy...I'm now boring.  I'll post if there's further updates to my healing process, I'll forever catch you guys on Twitter and Facebook and I'll send a shoutout whenever I can.  With as recovered as I am, there's just nothing newsworthy to share on this current journey as of now.  I'll never be able to thank you all enough, but I think in your hearts, you know just how much you touch every life who walks through your doors, including mine.

Up next, oophorectomy.  I wish you did those so that I'd have an excuse to fly back and see you all!

With my utmost love and respect,  


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