Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 7- I'm Not Wonder Woman

For years, my family and friends have called me Super Mom, Wonder Woman and other "shooting beyond the stars" types nicknames.  This all stems from the fact that my type A personality makes themed lunches for my children for school, does my girls' hair in many fabulous designs, bakes up a storm late at night just to make someone smile the next day, tries various crafts just because I don't have enough on my plate and anything else that keeps this OCD mamma on top of things and keeping smiles on everyone around me.  

I had a GREAT day today.  Seriously, I woke up and only needed Advil all day.  No Percocet, no muscle relaxer, nothing but Advil.  I even stayed up long enough to finish several HGTV shows in a row!  I only took one nap!  I felt so good that I even started gathering items to pack up as our Airbnb stay comes to and end tomorrow and we move into the Omni Hotel.  Today, however, I realized even Wonder Woman needs to say "mercy."


I'm used to doing everything when it comes to packing, traveling and just making sure everything is ready.  I'm the planner, the scheduler and the doer.  However, my body quickly told me NO.  My body was telling me that today was a day where it was ok NOT to be Wonder Woman, and quite frankly, it was yelling at me, not telling me.  I'm only one week out, and although I feel pretty damn good thanks to an amazing Dr. C, I'm sure part of my first week of recovery instructions did not include packing (sorry Dr. C.)  

I began to have pain in areas, I became a bit lightheaded and I quickly needed to sit down.  I'm not good at sitting and doing nothing.  Well, I take that back.  I'm great at sitting and doing nothing when I'm loaded up on drugs like I have been this week!  But now that they're gone, I'm going stir crazy!  I'm not strong enough to go out of the house and I'm apparently not strong enough to pack suitcases either.  Ok, ok, I got the message.  I've had major surgery and I need to let myself rest.

Wonder Woman will be back.  But for those going through my surgery, just know that you need to save those superhero days for after your recovery, no matter how badly she wants to shine through.

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