Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Day 6- I'm Free!

As of now, I've broken up with Percocet completely as we don't get along.  We've also cut way down on the muscle relaxer as we too had a love hate relationship.  I only take 1/2 a muscle relaxer pill as of now when absolutely needed.  It gives me horrible dry mouth and makes me woozy.  So as of today, I'm only on an antibiotic, Advil and Xanax.  Why Xanax you may ask?  Because all of this really creeps me out, I feel gross in my own skin and I begin to panic.  We think this has been majority of my recovery issues, not the pain itself, but the thoughts and feelings I have that are escalating the pain and keeping me bed/couch bound.  

I happily got to go visit my nurse today, Denise, to see how my drains were doing.  Thankfully I had taken a Xanax about an hour prior to the appointment so I was very calm and cool.  Two drains were removed and I didn't feel a the time.  It wasn't until after that I felt some sharp pains in my right breast around where the drain had been, but she put a numbing patch around that area which helped ease the pain.  This is normal as nerves have been fiddled with and things have been slightly shifted.  I'm just happy to have two less drains as they are a pain.

By the time we got home, it was time for a nap.  While not in a fog so much anymore, I'm still exhausted.  I did manage to get in my three 15 minute walks which is a good improvement.  I even managed to down a Chipotle burrito...yummy!

So, that's a wrap on day 6.  Things are getting better.  But first, I must take a minute here to thank my husband.  This has not been easy for him at all.  He's at my every beckon call...medicine day or night, showers, helping me move, as well as dishes, meals and kids.  He's been awesome and deserves some praise.  No one really stops to think about the caregiver and how they are doing.  I appreciated that Dr. C made a point of asking my husband right after surgery how he was really doing with all of this.  When my husband said he was fine, Dr. C reiterated the question, just to make sure.  I can't tell you how much I have truly loved every minute working with PRMA and Dr. Chrysopoulo.  They'll always be family to us.

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