Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Day 13- Everyone Is Different

Well, the seroma isn't reabsorbing, so we're doing a needle aspiration tomorrow.  Simply put, a very fine needle will be inserted into each breast to remove the fluid which has gathered.  I tried to be the perfect patient, doing everything I was told (I didn't even have my first cocktail I asked if I could have due to guilt), but everyone is different when it comes to the healing body.  My body is choosing to take a different route to recovery, just how it is.

So, Xanax was recommended prior to the procedure tomorrow, as I'm already fearing that needle.  It's one thing to be completely knocked out for surgery, but being awake and seeing the needle go into my breast?  I told you I'm a wimp.  Anyway, I made my nurse promise she'd be with me every minute of the procedure tomorrow as she pretty much calms my anxiety.  Denise, I will get a photo with you and proudly display you on my blog before this is over!

So, please say a little prayer for my boobs and me tomorrow.

On an upside, we spent another wonderful day here in San Antonio.  If you come to PRMA, you will have such a wonderful area to explore while you're healing.  I still can't believe I've been in Texas for thirteen days already, tomorrow marking my two week anniversary.  We've lived in an Airbnb (best hosts EVER) and are now on our second hotel.  We wanted to keep things interesting during the stay.

Anyway, today we moved into a hotel on the Riverwalk and took the guided river cruise.  Y'all have so much history here!  I love this little hidden gem of San Antonio.  It's beautiful, relaxing and you make it as big or as little an adventure.  I chose to head back to the hotel after the cruise, as my body had enough.  My family continued on to the IMAX where they learned more about the Alamo.  As expats, my kids don't know much of American history, sadly.  We're trying to add in that educational element whenever we can.

You'll love San Antonio.  I'll have a complete list of things to do, places to stay and where to eat when I'm done here!  I'll share it all with you.

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